Do Vegans Have A Weaker Immune System?

by Dr. M Azeez on July 07, 2020

Vegans having weaker immune systems than non-vegans is a myth. Ultimately, it depends on the foods and nutrients consumed by vegans compared to non-vegans that dictate whether a person has a weaker immune system or not. 

There are many different types of foods around us and each food offers varied benefits. Foods differ in the amount of nutrition they provide, the bio-availability of nutrients, and the concentration of vitamins and minerals and on many other accounts. Generally, there are two sources from which the dietary requirements of humans are met. These include vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources. A purely vegetarian source includes obtaining nutrients from fruits and vegetables while a non-vegetarian diet includes beef, fish, and poultry.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is the strictest version of vegetarianism in which no food from animal sources is consumed for meeting the requirements of nutrition of the body. Even eggs and milk are avoided because these, too, come from animals. People take on a vegan diet because of ethical, cultural, or moral reasons. But there arises a big question and that is about the strength of the immune system of those who eat a vegan diet in contrast to those who eat a non-vegetarian diet.

Veganism Misconceptions 

There is a common perception that vegans have a weaker immune system in comparison to those who eat a non-vegetarian diet; that vegans fall prey to diseases more often and that non-vegetarians possess stronger immune systems.

When you say that vegans have a weaker immune system as compared to non-vegetarians, it is based on the belief that the quality of nutrients one gets from meat is more nutritious, healthy, and immunity-boosting than those one gets from vegetarian food. And hence based on this assumption, it is remarked that the vegans possess a weaker immune system.

But the fact is that there might occur a variation in the number of vitamins and minerals from both these sources whereas the biological and chemical properties of vitamins and minerals are just the same. In other words, if you are getting your vitamins either from meaty food or a vegan source in efforts of fulfilling your vitamin needs, both sources are the same and there is no difference of any kind between a molecule of Vitamin A obtained from animal source or another molecule obtained from plant source – both these vitamins are the same.

So, the myth that non-vegan foods are more immune boosting compared to vegans  or that vegans posses a weaker immune system compared to non-vegans is not true and has no scientific evidence to support it. 

Consuming The Right Nutrients Is Key

There is one considerable difference, however, and that needs to be considered carefully. Non-vegetarian food is wholesome and one source offers multiple nutrients required by the body. Vegan food might lack the wholesomeness that the non-vegetarian food provides.

Moreover, the choice of food does matter a lot. If you are eating a monotonous and same vegan food without focusing on the nutrition that should be taken in or is required by the body, you might develop a deficiency of some essential immune system boosting vitamins and minerals and that might lead to frequent ailments.

It all boils down to the types of food one is having as a vegan and solely on this factor depends the strength or weakness of the immune system. It can also be noted that getting nutrition from vegan food is difficult as compared to non-vegetarian foods. When it comes to non-vegetarian foods, there is a variety of different food options. For vegans, the options are a few and it is very hard to rotate the meals and get the required nutrients.

Hence, it can be rightly inferred from the above discussion that vegans do not have a weaker immune system. Their choices of foods are such that create a deficiency thereby affecting the immune system and result in decreased immunity and frequent ailments.

There are some essential supplements that vegans should especially focus on because these elusive supplements, on one hand are not produced by the body and must be obtained from the diet and, on the other hand, are difficult to find in the vegan foods. These important supplements include Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iodine, Iron, and Calcium. This is where Haskap Power Supplements come into play, Haskap Power Immunity & Haskap Power Immunity plus include these nutrients and more which helps in boosting a vegans immunity.

The Final Verdict

The focus should be made on having a balanced vegan diet and a very special attention should be given to these vitamins and minerals. All these vitamins and minerals perform very important functions in the body from making blood cells to improving muscle strength, communication, and neuron health. If, for example, a chronic deficiency is developed in the body and the body is unable to naturally get these nutrients from whatever food the person is taking, supplements can be tried. These supplements are the alternative arrangement and dedicatedly fulfill the lost deficiencies.


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