Three Minerals to Boost Your Immunity

by Scientific Editorial Board on November 30, 2020

Minerals are an important element that gets absorbed into our body, and helps in the proper functioning of the system in numerous ways. These minerals occur naturally around us, and are even present in our foods. The primary way in which the human body gains access to these minerals is through the food we eat. 

Let us take a look at a few of the most important minerals required by the human body:



This is an essential mineral, which the human body is not capable of synthesizing on its own. Hence, we can only obtain this mineral for our use from the food we eat, and the dietary supplements we take. Zinc plays a central role in many body functions such as the healing of wounds, growth and development of the human body, as well as the synthesis of proteins. However, the primary function of zinc lies in its contribution to the body’s immune system. It strengthens our body’s immune system in a lot of ways, helping it fight off diseases better. However, since our body does not synthesize enough zinc on its own, we have to consume foods that provide us with zinc. Foods that provide our body with the required amount of zinc are meats such as pork and beef, legumes, eggs, and various types of nuts.


There are various important body functions that selenium is a part of. These include our cognitive abilities and all-over maintenance of the body. It is known for being a very strong anti-oxidant, and thus, also plays a huge role in strengthening our body’s immune system. It helps our immune system fight off disorders, by breaking the hydrogen bond present in free radical (bad) cells. Primary foods which help our body synthesize selenium are dairy products such as yogurt and milk, various fruits and vegetables, and meat such as pork, turkey, and such.


Even the metal copper is known for being one of the strongest anti-oxidants present in the planet. Similarly, the mineral copper acts as a strong anti-oxidant for the human body, contributing to the strength of the immune system in warding off chronic disorders. It can help our body fight against ailments such as stroke and heart disorders. Potatoes and other products of potatoes have a high copper content in them. We can also find copper content in the legumes and nuts we consume on a regular basis.


Hence, each of these minerals has a central role to play when it comes to immunity, and the general positive health of our body. We should focus on a diet that will provide our body with ample amounts of these essential nutrients.



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