Top 17 Foods That Contain Selenium

by Dr. M Azeez on July 12, 2020

Selenium is an essential mineral that should form a part of our diet. It is required by the body only in traces but some very important human functions are dependent on the availability of Selenium. Our bodies cannot naturally produce this essential nutrient, hence, food intake is the only source that makes up for the supply of selenium. With that said, let's look into what foods contain selenium.

Here are the top 17 Foods that contain Selenium:

1 Haskap Berries
2 Brazil Nuts
3 Fish
4 Beef
5 Turkey
6 Chicken
7 Cottage Cheese
8 Brown Rice
9 Sunflower Seeds
10 Baked Beans
11 Mushrooms
12 Oatmeal
13 Spinach
14 Milk & Yogurt
15 Lentils
16 Cashews
17 Bananas


1- Haskap Berries

Haskap berries are rich in Selenium and many of the health benefits attributed to haskap berries are due to this essential nutrient that our bodies cannot produce. Haskap berries neutralize free radicals because of the high content of antioxidants in them. These berries cure inflammation, protect the eyes, treat cancer, and cure cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


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2- Brazil Nuts

These nuts are an excellent source of Selenium for the body. A serving of Brazil nuts a few times a week is enough to meet all the selenium requirements of the body.


3- Fish

Yellow Tuna is an excellent source of Selenium. 3 ounces of this fish contains approximately 92 micrograms of Selenium.


4- Beef

The bottom round beefsteak has about 33 micrograms of Selenium. Beef liver is another good source with about 28 micrograms of Selenium.


5- Turkey

Turkey contains 33 micrograms of Selenium.


6- Chicken


Every 3 ounces of chicken contain approximately 22 to 25 micrograms of Selenium.


7- Cottage Cheese

One cup of cottage cheese has approximately 20 micrograms of Selenium.


8- Brown Rice

One cup of long-grain brown rice contains about 19 micrograms of Selenium.


9- Sunflower Seeds

A cup of sunflower seeds contains about 19 micrograms of Selenium.


10- Baked Beans

With a cup of baked beans, you get 13 micrograms of Selenium.


11- Mushrooms


One 100 gram serving of mushrooms contain approximately 12 micrograms of Selenium.


12- Oat Meal

One cup of oatmeal provides 13 micrograms of Selenium.


13- Spinach

A cup of spinach provides 11 micrograms of Selenium.


14- Milk & Yogurt

A cup of either milk or yogurt will provide you with 8 micrograms of Selenium.


15 - Lentils

One cup of cooked lentils can give approximately 6 micrograms of Selenium.


16 - Cashews

One ounce of dry-roasted cashew will give you as much as 3 micrograms of Selenium. Cashews can be eaten as a snack and they will fulfill your major selenium needs.


17- Bananas

One cup of chopped bananas will provide 2 micrograms of Selenium. This might not seem much. Generally, fruits offer minimal to no selenium. You can add banana slices to milk or yogurt to make a smoothie. That would fulfill your selenium requirements.


What is the role of Selenium in the body?

Selenium performs a lot of functions in the body. The human body needs Selenium for a healthy thyroid function. The thyroid gland requires iodine, and the availability of iodine to the gland is not possible in the absence of Selenium. It is vital for:

  • The healthy and proper functioning of both the male and female reproductive systems
  • Protects us from cardiovascular diseases
  • Boosts the functioning of the immune system
  • Promotes mental and cognitive abilities in the body.

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