Top 10 Health Benefits of Haskap Berries

by Dr. M Azeez on July 07, 2020

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Haskap Berries are:

1 Haskap Berries are rich in Antioxidants
Haskap Berries can cure Inflammations
Haskap Berries Are Great For Eye Health
Haskap Berries Are Used For Cancer Treatment
Cardiovascular Benefits
Packed with Nutrients
Helps To Reduce High Blood Sugar 
Promotes Better Brain Health
Helps Diabetic Patients
Used for Urinary Tract Infections Treatment


Asians in the Korean Peninsula and Japan are obsessed with having a clear, wrinkle-free, and the types of skin that hide their age perfectly well. This has happened because of the general interest of such cultures in the cleansing and detoxification of their bodies through natural ingredients. These natural substances can do wonders when it comes to healing and curing the body of the various ills and defects that occur because of body functions, metabolism, and aging.

One such natural substance that has been known and used in the Japanese culture for times immemorial is the medicinal pills for longevity also known to us as Haskap Berries. These are strange-looking oblong berries that have been here with us for quite a long time. But actually, these are the concentrated packets of nutrients with myriad medicinal properties.

For starters, let’s begin by saying that Haskap Berries are being considered, by those who care, as the next super berries because they contain higher amounts of antioxidants than Blue Berries. These are native to Japan and Russia but are also found in Canada, though they grow sporadically in the wild and on the edges of the wetlands.

1- Haskap Berries are rich in Antioxidants

Our bodies perform various functions from digesting food to transporting oxygen to every cell in the body to removing wastes from the blood. All these functions in the body produce certain chemicals or other substances that are the byproduct of the physical and chemical reactions of the body and they must be removed accordingly for the normal and healthy functioning of the body.

One of the notable mentions of the removable substances from the human body is the free radicals. These free radicals may be produced during metabolism or respiration or in any other activity. These free radicals have the chemical composition of ions and they can ionize healthy cells. These free radicals must be removed from the body as their accumulation is associated with organ dysfunction.

Antioxidants are the naturally occurring substances in various foods that perform the task of removing these free radicals from the body. And Haskap Berries are but a powerhouse of powerful antioxidants. Haskap Berries are rich in three types of antioxidants namely anthocyanin, phenolic acids, and flavonoids. These antioxidants remove different types of free radicals from the body and resist the aging of the cells and organs and ensure longevity.

 Writing about the exceptional health benefits of Haskap berries, Canada's health expert Bryce Wylde writes: 

"Haskap has more polyphenols than tea, coffee, and red wine and five times the amount of phenols compared to blueberries – making it a formidable antioxidant superfood. Their antioxidant power helps us prevent heart disease, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and neurodegenerative diseases."


2- Haskap Berries can cure Inflammations

Body inflammations are also related to the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. Cellular respiration produces free radicals. Cells also produce antioxidants to neutralize these free radicals. But sometimes the production of antioxidants is overwhelmed because of too many free radicals. The imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants is known as oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is the direct result of the increased production of free radicals. Certain functions of the body also enhance the formation of free radicals. White blood cells, for example, fight the invading microorganisms but in the process of neutralizing the threats posed by these foreign contagions, produce free radicals that are itself damaging for the organs and systems.

 Inflammation is the body's response to indicate the presence of an excess of free radicals in the body. Inflammation, in other words, is the direct result of the oxidative stress. Some inflammations are benign and end after some time while some others are chronic. These chronic inflammations jeopardize the strength and functioning of the body. Hence the oxidative stress and the subsequent inflammation caused by the free radicals must be neutralized.

Haskap Berries contain flavonoids and anthocyanin that act as free radical removing agents.

Hence these berries bring relief to the inflammation of stricken cells and organs.


3- Haskap Berries Are Great For Eye Health

Eyes and vision are the most important part of the human body – an organ that we cannot certainly do without. Eye health has always been given due importance. In Europe and America, anthocyanin supplements are prescribed for eye health. These are antioxidants and these supplements have proven benefits for eye health. But we do know that Haskap Berries are rich in anthocyanin that is an antioxidant. And we also know that the absorption of nutrients from natural sources into the bloodstream is far better than the same nutrients that are taken in the form of the supplements.

Haskap Berries have a greater health benefit when it comes to curing and optimizing the function of eyes and eye health. Haskap berries readily provide anthocyanin by releasing it into the bloodstream to be in for consumption where it is required. Haskap berries cure oxidative stress in the retina, reduce inflammation in the eye tissues, and helps to perform anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-carcinogenic functions for the eyes.


4- Haskap Berries Are Used For Cancer Treatment

Free radicals cause oxidative stress in the body and oxidative stress is the direct cause of the production of cancerous cells in the body. This type of oxidative stress results in the DNA damage and alters the genetic makeup that then results in the abnormal growth of the cells.

The best way to avoid cancer is the increased consumption of foods that provide antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. And Haskap Berries are one such food that is packed with complex antioxidants that would neutralize all of the free radicals that cause DNA damage in the body hence minimizing the chances of developing cancer. A recent study proves that those who use Haskap berries daily have reduced free radical waste in their bodies as low as 25 percent.


5- Cardiovascular Benefits

Haskap berries have many cardiovascular benefits as they repair the wear and tear in the circulatory system. Certain foods, aging, and free radicals affect the inner lining of the veins in the body and sometimes they are severely damaged. Haskap berries correct any damage that is done to the veins in the body. It also cures the narrowing and contracting of the blood vessels. Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) transport fats from the liver to the bloodstream and are therefore considered bad cholesterol. LDL in the blood reacts with free radicals and is oxidized into substances that are even more reactive and more harmful. Hence the LDL is a threat to cardiovascular health. Haskap Berries on the other hand cleanse the blood of the oxidized LDL by reducing the levels of oxidized LDL. Hence, they act as a natural tonic for the cardiovascular system and build a natural resistance against the onslaught of cardiovascular diseases by strengthening the immune system.


6- Packed with Nutrients

Other than fighting free radicals in their various forms and propping the defenses of the body against myriad diseases, Haskap berries are also rich in nutrients. A single cup serving of Haskap Berries contains 4 grams of fiber, 24 percent Vitamin C, 25 percent Manganese, and 36 percent Vitamin K. Other than that a single also contains 85 calories and that includes 15 grams of Carbohydrates.


7- Helps To Reduce High Blood Sugar

Haskap berries have also been proved useful for curing high blood pressure. That is because a recent study has found out that with the increase in the number of free radicals in the body, the levels of nitric oxide are decreased and that imbalance results in high blood pressure. Haskap berries, that contain antioxidants for neutralizing free radicals, optimize the high blood pressure.


8 - Promotes Better Brain Health

Oxidative stress is found to stimulate the aging of brain cells. Oxidative stress also negatively impacts intelligence, muscle coordination, control of the body, balance, and metabolism. Antioxidants in Haskap berries are of great significance that they neutralize these free radicals and preserve the longevity of neurons.


9- Helps Diabetic Patients

Diabetes patients have higher levels of sugars in their blood and they are unable to control these high sugar levels because of the disease of the pancreas. Haskap berries are carry out sugar neutralizing function in the blood. Anthocyanin that is found in the Haskap berries increases the sensitivity of insulin and glucagon in the blood and thus controls sugar level.


10- Used for Urinary Tract Infections Treatment

Urinary tract infections are common in people due to the lack of hygiene. These infections are more common in women than in men. The infectious bacteria form a layer on the inner lining of the bladder and cause inflammation and pain. But not anymore. Haskap berries can even cure your urinary tract infections.

Final Thoughts

Haskap berries are the superfood. They have the benefits that reach beyond the length of this article and the imagination of the people. There might be other benefits that are yet unreported. But it is a writing on the wall that including Haskap berries in your daily diet acts as a cure for so many illnesses and inflammations that its importance cannot be over-estimated.


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