Haskap Berry as Natural Superfood to Boost Your Immunity

by Scientific Editorial Board on December 06, 2020

While we are discussing healthy dietary supplements, let us take a look at one of the most popular superfoods in the world today – Haskap Berries. Haskap berries are a type of berry which is indigenous to the countries of Russia and Japan. It grows only in areas where it is rather cold, making it quite tolerant towards colder climates. Apart from being called Haskap Berry, this fruit is sometimes referred to as the blue honeysuckle.


The reason they are often included in the berry family is that they grow on bushes that look rather similar to blueberries. They are generally seen to be flowering during the springtime of early May and June.

Haskap berries are known for being filled with a lot of nutrients, which are extremely important for the human body. Consumption of Haskap berries on a regular basis can be highly beneficial to the human body. Here are a few benefits attached with regular consumption of Haskap Berries:


Can help your body fight off inflammation

Haskap berries are very widely known for their ability to fight off inflammation. Inflammation is one of the most aggravating factors of a lot of chronic disorders, which can negatively affect the health of your body. Inflammatory cells are extremely harmful to the human body because they cause a lot of extremely important organs in your body to become swollen and affects their functioning as well. Another effect of inflammation is that they make bodily enzymes less effective. Inflammation hinders their abilities, and can sometimes make them completely ineffective. In some cases, they can make your organ completely non-functional.


However, if an individual’s body is able to cope up and fight off this inflammation, it can really help their body deal with the chronic illness as well. Most individuals having chronic disorders consume a huge number of medicines to combat this inflammation. However, Haskap berries can help in giving your immune system the support it requires to deal with inflammation as well.


Has significant anti-oxidant abilities 

Blueberries are very popular for having a lot of anti-oxidant abilities. However, not many of us are aware that Haskap berries have about three times the anti-oxidant abilities of blueberries. However, let us first understand how foods rich in anti-oxidising properties can be beneficial to our bodies. Whenever your body breaks down unhealthy foods or is exposed to harmful stimulants such as tobacco smoke, it can lead to the creation of free radicals in your body. These free radicals are basically bad cells, that can be rather harmful to your body. They play an important role in many chronic disorders and even cancer. Anti-oxidants break the hydrogen bond present between the two free-radical cells, thus rendering them useless. In this way, they can help keep your body healthier and also contribute to the strengthening of your immune system.

One of the biggest components of Haskap berries having anti-oxidant properties is the anthocyanin. This is a type of pigment generally found in the peels and skin of vegetables and fruits. It is responsible for providing them with their color. Anthocyanin can be of huge help to your body, because it helps your body fight against cancerous cells, by inhibiting them from spreading across your whole body, as well as by slowly rendering them ineffective.


High in potassium 

Haskap berries also have a high amount of potassium present in them. The potassium present in your body is one of the most important nutrients, and your body is heavily reliant on it for survival. Potassium is helpful for lowering blood pressure in individuals who have high blood pressure, because it helps your body fight off the ill-effects of the consumption of excess salt. It helps regulate all of the nutrient contents in the fluids of the body, fixes excess water retention or bloating, and also eases out muscle contractions. It can prevent dangerous disorders such as a stroke or kidney stones.


Since the Haskap Berries have such a significant amount of benefits attached to them, they have long been considered as a natural superfood. It is suggested for every one of us to regularly consume some amount of Haskap berries whenever they are available.


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