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  • Keep The Effects of Stress Away
  • Feel Energetic & Mentally Clear


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  • Proven Immunity Support

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Improve Your Immunity
Without Damaging It

Did you know that an immune system that overreacts is as harmful and dangerous as one that stops working?

The immune system is our main protection from sickness and disease. While being a strong force in our body, it is also very delicate in its balance and function.

Immune modulation is more than just boosting the body’s immune system, it involves bringing the ratio of the different immune cells back into balance to enable the immune system to function correctly .

Unlike many other "Immunity Support Supplements", our science-based formula is not just about simply stimulating the immune system.


The Berry of Longevity

Haskap is the ancient Japanese name for a superberry meaning "the berry of long life and good vision"

It packs a massive dose of antioxidants,
e.g. it has 3-5 times more antioxidants than cultivated Blueberry

Haskap is very rich in Anthocyanins especially C3G. Considerable evidence shows significant antioxidant, cardio-protective, anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective, anticancer, and anti-diabetic properties of C3G Haskap preparations and C3G alone, both in vitro and in vivo


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for immunity

It helps reduce the duration & severity of upper respiratory tract infections

It is a potent antioxidant

It helps reduce oxidative stress



Zinc is an essential mineral that is crucial for your immune system

It helps reduce the duration & severity of upper respiratory tract infections

It is a potent antioxidant

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The True Benefits of
HaskaPower™ Immunity

  • Support Your Immunity

    The potential of anthocyanin to show its antiviral effects through binding to receptors of the host cells, inhibiting viral life cycle, or stimulating host immunity, give the idea that haskap berry may have potential therapeutic anthocyanins and novel antiviral lead-compounds.

  • Strong Anti Inflammatory

    Chronic inflammation due to certain conditions is associated with multiple diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and neurodegeneration. The prolonged inflammation seems to be kept under control by the regular consumption of polyphenols-rich Haskap berries or their products. Clinical studies also shows that dietary athocyanin reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines.

  • Powerful Antioxidant

    As a "superfood” or “functional food", Haskap berry has the highest content of total antioxidants than any commonly consumed fruit. Because of its high concentration of antioxidants, Haskap berry can be used for many disease conditions and prevention of them.

  • Healthy Aging

    Anthocyanins, being a very powerful natural antioxidant, help reduce and neutralize free radicals, which damage and destroy your cellular macromolecules, including DNA causing accelerated aging. Since most aging disorders are driven by oxidative stress, this makes Haskap berry a very important daily dietary supplement for aging adults.

  • Enhance Metabolism

    Diet itself is one of the most important modifiable risk factors for type 2 diabetes. The major benefit of Haskap berry polyphenols seems to be delaying the digestion of starch-based foods resulting in controlled postprandial hyperglycemia in diabetic patients. In addition, C3G directly stimulates the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.

  • Support Memory & Brain Health

    Haskap can have a protective, preventative, and potentially restorative sense. It is evident that C3G positively regulates cognitive and motor functions while improving neuronal growth and survival. The efficacy of C3G may largely attribute to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and localize in certain regions of the brain.

  • Heart Health

    Haskap berry and C3G may exert cardio-protective effects by interfering with glucose and lipid metabolism, favorably modulating dyslipidemia, and maintaining normal vascular function and blood pressure.

  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

    With a vasodilatory mechanism of action, Haskap berry is considered as a hypotensive agent.

Safe & Natural

The Haskap Berries in HaskaPower™ Immunity come straight from our orchards into your capsules.

A supplement is only as good as its ingredient so we didn't take any shortcuts!

  • 250'000+Haskap Bushes
  • 400'000+Worker Bees
  • 30+Team Members

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

When you receive your HaskaPower™ Immunity, you'll also receive our promise: you'll fall in love with it or you can contact us within 30 days to get a 100% Hassle-Free Refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can take HaskaPower™ Immunity?

    HaskaPower Immunity has been formulated as gender-neutral, suitable for adults over the age of 18 who are seeking to optimize their health, immunity, and wellbeing performance. It is not suitable for children and should be kept out of their reach.

  • How many capsules should I take daily?

    HaskaPower™ Immunity has been formulated as a daily dosage of 3 capsules.

  • Why do you need to take three or four capsules daily?

    Most of HaskaPower™ ingredients are dosed at clinically-proven efficacious and safety levels. These levels were carefully studied in peer-reviewed clinical studies. If you take less than the recommended daily dose, you will not experience the full benefits.

  • Is HaskaPower™ Immunity suitable for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding?

    HaskaPower is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we advise to check with your doctor first before taking our supplements.

  • Is HaskaPower™ Immunity suitable for people following a vegetarian diet? is it suitable for vegans?

    Yes, HaskaPower’s formula contains ingredients that are suitable for people following a vegetarian or a vegan diet.

  • Is HaskaPower™ Immunity gluten free?

    Yes, HaskaPower Immunity is gluten-free.

  • Is there any yeast in HaskaPower™ Immunity?

    Yes, HaskaPower’s formula contains a natural yeast ingredient which is wellmune.

  • Is HaskaPower™ Immunity Halal? Kosher?

    Yes, HaskaPower’s formula contains ingredients that are suitable for people following a Halal diet AND Kosher diet

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The views and nutritional advice expressed by HaskaPower™ are not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice. Please always consult your health care provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition. Individual results may vary.