What Vitamin Supplements Should I Take As A Vegetarian

by Dr. M Azeez on July 12, 2020

Vegetarians should take the following supplements to stay healthy:

1 Vitamin B12
2 Vitamin D
3 Iodine
4 Iron
5 Calcium


A balanced vegetarian diet is supposed to provide all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. But more often than not, the body is unable to find all the nutrition that it needs from a vegetarian diet and there occurs a deficiency. This deficiency leads to a chronic decline in the immunity and poor functioning of the systems of the body. Hence there arises a question that what should be done for making up the deficiency of the minerals that are not being provided by vegetarian food?

Supplements are the best alternative to make up for the deficiency of the vitamins. Before we jump into the list of supplements that vegetarians should take, check out HaskaPower Immunity & HaskaPower Immunity Plus supplements that contains all the vitamins you need to boost your immune system.

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Vitamin B12

Scientific research has shown that vegetarians can develop a chronic deficiency of Vitamin B12. Many vegetarian foods are touted to be rich in vitamin B12. But vegetarians are at a higher risk of developing a deficiency of this essential vitamin. Vitamin B12 is essential for many body processes and that includes stimulating metabolism and regulating the synthesis of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. A chronic deficiency of Vitamin B12 can also result in anemia and nervous system damage. It can also lead to bone deformation, infertility, and heart disease. Hence, the only plausible way to make up for the deficiency of Vitamin B12 is to take supplements.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the food. This vitamin also performs other essential functions such as boosting immunity, managing mood swings, improving memory and muscle coordination, and movements. The varied functions require a continuous supply which the vegetarian food is unable to deliver. And hence there is a great need to take supplements.



Iodine is essential for the human body because without it the thyroid gland cannot perform its function. The thyroid gland controls metabolism, growth, and development of the body. It performs various other functions by releasing a constant supply of thyroid hormone into the bloodstream. A deficiency of iodine can impact the thyroid function as well as lead to lower energy levels, dry skin, abnormal sensations in the hands and feet, loss of memory, and weight gain. Iodine supplement is highly recommended for vegetarians.



Iron makes copies of DNA and oxygen-carrying red blood cells. It is also required for releasing energy into the bloodstream. A deficiency of iron can lead to a severe loss of energy, body fatigue, decreased immune function, and anemia. Additionally, there is one form of iron that can be obtained only from animal sources. Hence iron supplements must be taken regularly to make up for the deficiency.



Calcium is necessary for strong bones and teeth. It also plays an important role in muscle development, heart health, and strengthening of neurons. Various plant sources offer calcium such as Bok Choy, Kale, Mustard and Turnip greens, Broccoli, and Chickpeas. But these vegetables offer low calcium levels and the calcium needs remain unfulfilled. So, it is beneficial to take calcium supplements daily.


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